CopterHack 2019
The event was organized by the company
COEX is a Russian developer and manufacturer of multi-rotor unmanned aerial systems and software for their autonomy.
On the basis of the company, the Fablab Copter has also been opened, where developmental activities for the design, assembly, tuning, piloting and programming of quadrocopters are held.
October 13 culminated in months of preparation for the # CopterHack2019 hackathon - a quadcopter programming marathon for beginners and professionals
This year, the scale of the event has grown significantly, which makes us incredibly happy.
51 teams registered for the hackathon out of 480 who wanted to prove themselves in the competition, among which 255 participants were selected from Moscow, Korolev, Krasnogorsk, St. Petersburg, Volgograd region, Penza, Yekaterinburg, Tomsk, Stavropol, Samara, Kazan, Orenburg, as well as the team from Minsk!

After presentations of ideas, 29 teams were selected, each with its own interesting and original idea for using quadcopters, and worked over 30 hours to implement these projects.

CopterHack started on Friday, October 11 at 19:00. On this day, the teams told about themselves and their ideas, and received the constructors of the programmable quadrocopter "COEX Clover 4 Code" to carry out projects.
The participants were also allowed to bring their own drones to the hackathon and work with them.
On October 12, at 10:00, work began on practical assignments, which continued without interruption until 16:00 on October 13.
The participants worked not only during the day, but also all night to complete the project. Within the framework of the competition, the teams had to not only develop the idea of using a drone, but also implement it, calculating the economic efficiency.
For those who could not attend the lectures and hackathon in person, we organized an online broadcast of the entire event.
After qualifying the projects, 22 teams remained in the competition, which took part in the final performance and defense of the developed projects in front of the jury.

This evening we saw a lot of interesting drone related ideas.
A variety of ways of industrial use of quadrocopters were presented, but according to the results of the competition, 3 teams took prizes:
1st place: "Bulbolet" - Delivery of goods to a quadcopter using a "smart" winch;
2nd place: "Copter don't hurt me" - Controlling a quadrocopter using myo-sensors;
3rd place: "Import Torch" - Controlling the drone in Active Track mode using a neural network.
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