WorldSkills kit
Educational quadcopter kit for
"Drone operating" skill-competition
WorldSkills kit
Educational quadcopter kit for
"Drone operating" skill-competition
WorldSkills Drone Operating skill-competition
WorldSkills International is an international association founded in 1953 that works to raise standards of professional qualifications around the world through international competitions in which more than 77 countries participate.

In 2019 the first international "Drone Operating" skill-competition has been held. COEX is a developer of skill-competition and Bronze partner of the WorldSkills.
COEX Clover WorldSkills kit
Educational quadcopter kit for "Drone operating" skill-competition.

The kit has been specially develop to perform Drone Operating skill-competition test project:
1. Beyond visual line of sight piloting. Aerial Photography.
2. Drone node modelling.
3. Drone node prototyping.
4. Autonomous flight coding.
5. Visual line of sight piloting. Cargo delivery.

The set provides an extended version of Clover, which includes everything you need to participate in drone competitions, hackathons and contests.

This kit is accredited for preparation and participation in Drone Operating skill-competitions in WorldSkills championships.

It is intended for practice-oriented teaching of schoolchildren and students of secondary education and higher education in the design and operation of quadcopters with the acquisition of professional skills in the following areas:
specialist in the operation of unmanned aircraft systems; design engineer; software developer for aerial robotic systems.

In addition to all the components that are included in the standard Clover kit, there is a soldering station, an FPV helmet, Grapple (set of 3D-printed parts) for a payload up to 0.4 kg, Arduino board and more.

This is a great way for users to see what the buzz is all about with Drone Operating, improve their flying skills, and understand the principle used for more advanced drone operations. Drone Operating contests are the newest and fastest growing competitions in education with local and regional competitions starting up all over the world. High schools, colleges and universities prepare their specialists, form teams and send them to compete and represent the interests of not only their educational institution, but the entire country!
COEX Clover WorldSkills Repair kit
Getting your quadcopter ready for a competition is a very meticulous process. The drone can fail at the most crucial moment.

What if the drone was severely damaged and unable to take off? How to continue the competition if the drone is not flying?

It is not necessary to buy a new drone at all, as this repair kit has everything you need to fix your drone and take it back to the sky and continue the contest!

This kit contains Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer, LiPo batteries, COEX PIX flight controller, PDB, Laser rangefinder, brushless motors, RPi cam, props, prop guards and more.
Skill-Competition modules
Module А. Beyond visual line of sight piloting. Aerial Photography
Collection, transmission and processing of data for the assigned mission
  • Flight plan preparation
  • Preflight maintenance
  • Collection of cartographic, geodesic, thermal and other data from the air
  • Aerial photo / video / thermal imagery
Module B. Drone node modelling
  • Modelling individual quadcopter parts and nods, fasteners and payloads
  • Preparing files for manufacturing
Module C. Copter node manufacturing. Installation
  • Starting/finishing stage of work on the digital equipment
  • Introduction of changes to the copter design
  • Quadcopter assembly and installation of the manufactured parts/nodes
  • Calibration of remote control equipment
  • Test flights
Module D. Autonomous flight coding
  • Introduction of changes to the copter design
    - installation and calibration of sensors
    - video camera for computer vision
    - single-board computer
  • Program the UAV for autonomous flight within a confined space indoors
Performing missions in autonomous mode
  • cargo detection and delivery
  • precise flight over checkpoints
  • obstacle evasion
  • landing on a narrow area on a marker
  • dismantling of the sensors, video camera and the single-board computer
  • copter reassembly to a standard state
Module E. Visual line of sight piloting. Cargo delivery
  • Introduction of changes to the copter design as per fastening and grapple modification
  • Grapple installation
  • Grapple calibration
  • Calibration of remote control equipment
  • Test flight
  • Cargo pick-up and transfer
- drop-off precision, speed
- amount of cargo
- flight with cargo through an obstacle course
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