WorldSkills Russia

For participation in Drone Operating
skill-competitions under the WorldSkills standards

For participation in Drone Operating
skill-competitions under the WorldSkills standards
Clover WorldSkills Kit Contents
  • Flight controller Pixracer
  • Power distribution board PDB BeeRotor
  • Electronic Speed Controller ESC DYS 30a
  • Brushless motor, COEX BR2306, 2400 kV
  • Plastic propeller 5040x4 (pair)
  • BEC (power supply) 5V 12V , 3A
  • Lithium battery, 4S Li-Po 2200 mAh 45С
  • Battery level indicator (squeaker)
  • Charging device SKYRC e4
  • Single-board microcomputer Raspberry Pi3 Model B+
  • Camera with ribbon cable for single-board computer, Raspberry Pi 3 Camera (G)
  • Laser range-finder CJMCU-531
  • Memory module, MicroSD 16 GB 10 Class with installed software for single-board computer
  • Microcontroller board, Arduino Nano
  • Addressable LED strip, 144 led/m 5V IP65, in meters (Black)
  • Micro-USB cable (retractable cable)
  • Prototyping boards, solderable
  • Prototyping boards, non-solderable
  • Resistor set
  • Silicone Insulated Stranded Copper Wire, 14 AWG Red+Black
  • Heat shrink 5mm (black+red)
  • Power connectors, XT60 plug female
  • Flysky i6x (10 channels) hardware set with transmitter
  • Simulator cable
  • Connection cable for telemetry and flight controllers
  • A set of Arduino connecting wires and female-female prototype boards
  • Quadcopter frame
  • Propeller protection compatible with quadcopter frame
  • Fastener kit needed for quadcopter assembly
  • ArUco-marker set
  • COEX USB stick with teaching materials
  • FPV-Camera Foxeer Arrow mini PRO (1,8 mm lens)
  • FPV-Transmitter Eachine TX805 5,8G 40CH 25/200/600/800
  • FPV-Glasses, Eachine EV800D
  • FOXEER Lolipop
  • Grapple (set of printed parts)
  • Servo Goteck TGY-9018MG
  • Magnetic electro-grapple
  • Soldering iron 60 W, with stand
  • Hand Tool Kit
VII National Championship Final (WorldSKills Russia) - 2019
Drone Operating Skill Competition
WorldSkills Russia Drone Operating skill-competition
WorldSkills International is an international association founded in 1953 that works to raise standards of professional qualifications around the world through international competitions in which more than 77 countries participate.

In 2016, "Drone Operating" skill-competitions have been held. COEX is a Diamond partner of the WorldSkills Russia National Championship and the Bronze partner of the WorldSkills International World Championship.
Skill-Competition modules
Module А. Aerial photography
Collection, transmission and processing of data for the assigned mission
  • Flight plan preparation
  • Preflight maintenance
  • Collection of cartographic, geodesic, thermal and other data from the air
  • Aerial photo / video / thermal imagery
Module B. Piloting in FPV goggles
Flying on track
  • Drone design modification
  • video camera and video transmitter set up. transponder installation
  • Test flight
  • Accuracy and speed when passing the route in the FPV goggles
  • Uninstalling the video camera and video transmitter, copter reassembly to a standard state
Module C. UAV Node Modelling
  • Modelling individual quadcopter parts and nods, fasteners and payloads
  • Preparing files for manufacturing
Module D. UAV diagnostics and repair
5 defects
  • Detection and elimination of defects
  • Fault statement records
  • Preflight check
- take-off test
- flight controller set up and calibration
- flight stability check
Module E. Fixed-wing UAV
  • Flight mission and route planning
  • Starting up the flight simulation
  • Uploading of the file with light checkpoints (WP file), precision and coverage screenshots to the desktop
Module F. Flight programming in Autonomous mode
  • Introduction of changes to the copter design
    - installation and calibration of sensors
    - video camera for computer vision
    - single-board computer
  • Program the UAV for autonomous flight within a confined space indoors
Performing missions in autonomous mode
  • cargo detection and delivery
  • precise flight over checkpoints
  • obstacle evasion
  • landing on a narrow area on a marker
  • dismantling of the sensors, video camera and the single-board computer
  • copter reassembly to a standard state
Module G. Copter node manufacturing. Installation
Module G. Copter node manufacturing. Installation
  • Starting/finishing stage of work on the digital equipment
  • Introduction of changes to the copter design
  • Quadcopter assembly and installation of the manufactured parts/nodes
  • Calibration of remote control equipment
  • Test flights
Module H. Line-of-sight piloting and cargo delivery
  • Introduction of changes to the copter design as per fastening and grapple modification
  • Grapple installation
  • Grapple calibration
  • Calibration of remote control equipment
  • Test flight
  • Cargo pick-up and transfer
- drop-off precision, speed
- amount of cargo
- flight with cargo through an obstacle course
Participant age groups
Young professionals 18 - 28 years old
- young working professionals who have achieved high results in their work activities in the industry.
Main age group 16-22 years old
- of professional educational organizations that are not a structural subdivision of higher educational organizations; students of higher educational institutions, including their structural subdivisions that provide training in vocational and further professional education programs (in skill-competitions not represented at the «Young Professionals» National Interuniversity Championship (Worldskills Russia)).
Juniors (WSRJ) 14-16 years old
- young people from 14 to 16 years old as of the date of the Championship, students of primary, secondary and higher professional institutions; first-year college students; students of middle and high classes of general educational institutions.
Juniors (WSRJ) 12-14 years old
- students of middle classes of general educational institutions.
Senior Skills 50+ years old
- members of pre-retirement age
Map of international participants
The map marks the geolocation of WorldSkillsKazan 2019 competition participants of the "Drone Operating" skill-compatition.
We invite you to participate in the "Drone Operating" WorldSkills Championships
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